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Truvelo Cameras


Truvelo cameras be identified as follows:-

  • Face towards oncoming vehicles.
  • Two round windows on front face of unit, one slightly smaller than the other.
  • Two pairs of sub surface piezo sensors visible on road surface.
  • Often painted or covered in bright yellow high visibility finish and mounted on a blue post.
  • Three white lines painted on road surface close to camera.

Technical Information

Truvelo cameras measure vehicle speed by using two pairs of independent piezo sensors mounted in the road surface. The camera itself faces towards oncoming vehicles, allowing photographic driver identification. The unit can also be fitted with an intelligent flash unit, which can be used as a deterrent to speeding, or as a traffic monitoring device.

At night, the camera uses an infra-red flash to avoid dazzling oncoming vehicles. One camera located on a high speed bend on the A14 in Cambridgeshire has however been witnessed emitting a very strong flash towards oncoming vehicles. Whether this is caused by the Truvelo device itself, or inappropriate use of a false flash deterrent device remains unclear.

Advance Warning

As Truvelo does not use any form of detectable radio signal to measure speed, advance warning of camera location can only be achieved by the use of a GPS database advance warning device.


Main Truvelo camera unit.

Piezo sensor pairs and lines for visual speed confirmation.

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