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SPECS Cameras

"The SPECS system is so efficient and user friendly that Manchester CTO processed 2,500 offences in 6 man-hours."
Source: Speedcheck, manufacturers of the SPECS system (redefining the term user friendly).


SPECS cameras be identified as follows:-

  • Face towards oncoming vehicles.
  • Similar in appearance to a conventional CCTV camera.
  • A pair of infra-red illuminators mounted either side of camera.
  • Normally positioned on high gantries above the road.
  • May be painted or covered in bright yellow high visibility finish.

Technical Information

SPECS cameras use Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) to read the vehicle's registration number. By using a pair of cameras a set distance apart, the system calculates the vehicle's speed by measuring the time taken to travel between the two cameras. If the average time taken to travel between the two cameras can only be attained at a speed which exceeds the posted speed limit, an offence is recorded. The system uses digital imaging to record vehicle identity, allowing it to store thousands of images without the need to replenish conventional wet film. The system can also be used to provide flashing speed alert signs to advise speeding drivers that they are exceeding the posted speed limit.

As the system uses average speed measurement over distance, it cannot be evaded by slowing down temporarily when passing the cameras.

Advance Warning

As SPECS does not use any form of detectable radio signal to measure speed, advance warning of camera location can only be achieved by the use of a GPS database advance warning device.

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