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GATSO Cameras

The original camera, first deployed to enforce speed within the UK following changes to road traffic legislation in 1991. GATSO cameras typically cost between 20-40,000 to install, depending on their exact location. 4000+ GATSOs are currently in use within the UK, making them the commonest devices currently in use. Widespread evidence suggests that they are probably also the device most prone to vandalism.


GATSO cameras can easily be identified:-

  • Face away from oncoming vehicles in same direction as traffic flow.
  • Two rectangular windows on opposite corners on front face of unit.
  • Multiple lines on carriageway to allow two "wet film" photographs to be taken in close succession, and speed to be visually confirmed.
  • Now often painted or covered in bright yellow high visibility finish.

Technical Information

GATSO cameras measure vehicle speed by emitting a radar signal. The emitted signal is reflected by passing vehicles and this reflected signal changes in frequency due to the doppler effect. The GATSO camera compares this reflected signal against the original signal to calculate the speed of the passing vehicle.

Advance Warning

As GATSO cameras emit a radar signal, advance warning can be achieved through the use of an active radar detection unit. Alternatively, as the cameras are normally permanently sited, a GPS location based warning system can be used.


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