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Database Update Method:
  • Computer connection (USB).

Product Overview

The new TR30 from Technology Driven Solutions boasts a couple of features which are bound to make it popular with consumers. The first of these is that the unit has a colour adjustable display, allowing it to match neatly with most vehicle interiors, including those with unusual dash lighting. Secondly, the unit has a mute output wire, allowing it to connect to many vehicle's audio systems, muting their output when warnings are being given, ensuring that they're not drowned out by music.

The product itself is small and discreet, and comes with an external GPS antenna, allowing it to be fitted lower down on the vehicle's dashboard without GPS reception problems occuring. The main unit is a small hideaway box, with connects to the display via a mounting cradle, which allows the display unit to be removed when the vehicle is parked.

As standard, the unit provides warnings from a database of GPS camera, blackspot and school zone locations and comes with a small wired laser detector seperate to the main unit. It also has additional inputs for external radar detector and diffuser units.




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